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Transporting oversized loads

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Transporting oversized loads

Cargo helicopters are often only used on the last leg of your cargo’s journey, to fly the cargo over short distances onto the roofs of buildings or over rough terrain. In the context of so-called high-capacity transport, helicopters can also cover longer distances with their loads. High-capacity helicopter transport is used to carry oversized loads whose transport by road or freight train is problematic due to the load’s excessive width, height or length.

Compared to other transport methods, a helicopter offers greater flexibility in many respects:

  • A helicopter can transport loads that cannot be transported by other means due to their dimensions.
  • A helicopter can take a much more direct route than other means of transport that rely on roads or railways.
  • A helicopter is also more flexible in terms of time and can carry out the transport on the date and time of your choice. On the other hand, heavy transport on some major routes is not permitted during school holidays, for example.

Initial consultation

We usually provide the initial consultation by telephone. This initial consultation is completely free of charge. During the conversation you can describe the details of your planned oversized load transport and we will check whether a helicopter is suitable for the operation. We are familiar with all the official procedures and can therefore estimate when all the permits for the transport will be available and thus the date the cargo flight can be carried out. Last but not least, at this early stage we can already give you a reliable price estimate for your freight flight based on the information you have provided.

Organising the flight

In the run-up to the heavy load transport we will liaise closely with you and will relieve you of all aspects of the organisational effort. We will choose from numerous helicopter models the one that is best suited for the planned oversized load transport. Of course, we will also assign an experienced pilot to the flight and provide him or her with an experienced ground crew. As part of our site visit, we will familiarise ourselves in particular with the take-off and landing area or, if necessary, determine suitable locations. If required, we can prepare a detailed risk assessment.

We will determine a suitable flight route and obtain all necessary overflight permits. We will also take care of all the other necessary permits and will work closely with the relevant authorities on this. We will also determine the need for road closures along the route and will take care of organising them. In addition, we will communicate with local residents at the take-off and landing sites if necessary. Of course, we will provide you with a precise flight plan so that you are well informed about all the details.


On the day of operation, one of our experienced crane flight coordinators will accompany the flight. The cargo flight coordinator will carry out a comprehensive safety briefing for all the parties involved and will coordinate any collaboration with third parties. In this way, we will ensure that the crane flight proceeds quickly and smoothly. If any temporary road closures are needed, we can take care of those as well.

If your oversized load flight mission attracts media interest – and this is very likely – we can free you up by dealing with the press. We would be happy to give an interview to the media and answer questions from the press by telephone or email. If you are interested in photo or video documentation of the transport flight, we will gladly prepare comprehensive video footage or photographs, which we will provide to you after the mission has ended.

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