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Swimming pools

A swimming pool in your own garden – many homeowners would love to fulfil this dream. However, getting a pool into a private garden is often difficult. The access roads and parking areas needed for a crane are often simply inadequate, or else the statics of the adjacent roads and paths make it impossible to position a crane. This is where using a load-bearing helicopter has a great many advantages. Pools made of polyester, glass reinforced plastic (fibreglass), or stainless steel are particularly suitable for helicopter transport. They can be picked up directly from the trailer and lowered into the prepared pool pit.

Initial consultation and feasibility check

During the initial telephone consultation with one of our employees, you will receive a reliable assessment of whether your planned crane flight is feasible. In addition, we can draw on our experience of official approval procedures and will be able to give you a rough date when all the relevant permits will be available. We can thus arrange a preliminary flight date with you at this early stage. Taking into account the information you provide, we can also give you a relatively precise indication of the price of the flight mission. The entire initial consultation is completely free of charge.

Planning the operation

We will prepare the transport of your new swimming pool meticulously and will provide you with a suitable helicopter, an experienced pilot and a well-rehearsed ground crew. During a site visit, we will familiarise ourselves with the local conditions and will coordinate with you suitable areas for picking up the pool as well as for possible helicopter landings. Upon request, we will prepare a detailed risk assessment for you after the site visit.

We will also clarify all the details with the relevant authorities and will obtain the necessary permits for your cargo flight. We will also take care of informing the local residents, if required. To ensure that you can keep track of the progress of your flight at all times, we will prepare an exact timetable for you in advance.

Carrying out the operation

On the day of the flight, one of our crane flight experts will personally oversee the operation on site. In this way, we can ensure that the operation proceeds quickly and smoothly. We will conduct a comprehensive safety briefing for everyone involved in the delivery and installation of the swimming pool. In addition, we will liaise with any third parties supporting the installation of your pool. If road closures are necessary, we will organise these and will carry out the crane flight with minimal disruption to local traffic.

Our experience has shown that local and regional media are often interested in reporting on crane flights. We would be happy to assist with this and, upon request, can make a contact person available to communicate with the media. If you are interested in receiving photographs or a video of the mission, we can produce high-quality images for you, which we will be happy to provide after the successful crane flight.

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