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Radio and mobile communications

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Radio and mobile communications

The standards for radio and mobile communications are constantly evolving. At time of writing, the UK is about to upgrade to the new 5G standard. As with any technological development, new radio masts must be built, new antennas and technology cabinets must be mounted on existing masts and outdated equipment must be dismantled.

To obtain the best possible transmission signal, radio and mobile phone masts are often located on rough or difficult terrain – for example on the top of a mountain or hill, or on the roof of a tall building in a city centre location. In both situations, a crane will simply reach its performance limits and cannot support the construction work. While hilly terrain is usually too difficult to for a crane to access, city centre locations lack space or would require too much intervention in road traffic management.

In these situations, a helicopter is often used to erect radio masts or to lift the heavy antennas and technical cabinets. Helicopters can easily pick up heavy loads and set them down with precision – even if other antennas on the mast leave little room for manoeuvre.

Initial consultation and price estimate

The initial conversation with us is usually by telephone. On the basis of the information you provide, our helicopter flight experts will give you an assessment of the feasibility of the proposed crane flight and will be able to give you an indicative price to assist you with planning. In consultation with you, we can also set a realistic date for the flight, so that we have enough time to organise all the necessary permits. We will be happy to provide you with the initial consultation free of charge at any time.

Mission planning

During the planning phase, we will regularly exchange information with you and will relieve you of all the organisational effort. We will provide a suitable helicopter and an experienced pilot for your crane flight. We will also assemble the ground crew, who can instruct the pilot on the day of operation. If required, our flight missions are accompanied by experienced industrial climbers, for whom both installation at altitude and working with the support of a helicopter are part of their daily work.

We will also conduct a site visit, so we can understand the local conditions and, in consultation with you, choose a suitable location for picking up the load and a possible landing site for the helicopter. After the site visit, you will receive a detailed risk assessment from us upon request.

We will make all the arrangements with the relevant authorities such as the police, fire service or local council, and will obtain the necessary permits. If local residents need to be informed in advance, we will also take care of this. We will provide you with a precise schedule for the day of operation, so that you are fully informed about all the planned activities and procedures.

Crane flight deployment

One of our experienced employees will be on site on the day of the operation and will conduct a detailed safety briefing for everyone involved. In addition, our staff member will coordinate the work of any third parties or contractors and will be available as a contact person at all times. If several pieces of equipment have to be transported one after the other, our employee will also make sure that the correct transport sequence is followed. In addition, they will organise any possible road closures and ensure that restrictions on road and rail transport in the area of operation are kept to a minimum.

Experience has shown that local and regional media are also interested in crane flights, precisely because they produce some impressive images. If you wish, we can also be the main contact for the media and can explain the details of the planned operation. If you are also interested in receiving photographs or a video of the mission, we can produce high-quality images and footage, which we will be happy to provide to you after the successful crane flight.

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