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Events and live marketing

Every time a load-carrying helicopter demonstrates its strength, it is an impressive experience for spectators. Therefore, a crane flight can also be a popular element of live marketing events. For example, your product presentation will be a real showstopper if you fly in the product spectacularly suspended from a rope. Many members of the audience will never have seen anything like it. Accordingly, your event becomes an intense experience for every spectator, which becomes inseparably connected with your brand – the perfect basis for successful event marketing.

A cargo helicopter opens up exciting possibilities for live communication and other events: Only a helicopter can pick up its load at another location and then approach its destination at low altitude. This means it can go unnoticed by the audience and can then provide a very effective surprise. While the audience is admiring the precision of the cargo flight, all eyes will be focused on the load – and thus the central attraction of your event.

Initial consultation

We usually give our initial consultation by telephone. During this consultation we can already check whether your idea for the crane flight event can be realised. Our experience also allows us to estimate the costs of the permits in advance of the flight. This enables us to reliably assess whether the consent of all the relevant authorities can be obtained by the date you have in mind. Last but not least, during the initial consultation, we can provide you with a reliable price estimate so that you can check whether a crane flight is within your event budget. You will not incur any costs as a result of the initial consultation.

Event planning

We know the requirements and processes involved in event planning and will relieve you of the organisational effort as much as we can. Taking into account the information you have provided, we will deploy a suitable helicopter and an experienced pilot for your flight. We will also put together an experienced ground crew to support the pilot on the ground. Together with you, we will get an idea of the conditions on site, and will determine a suitable location for picking up the load and a possible landing site for the helicopter. We can then prepare a detailed risk assessment if you require one.

We will deal with all the communication with the authorities for you and will obtain all the required permits – for example, from the police, fire brigade and the local council. Of course, we will tailor the entire schedule to your requirements and will liaise closely with you on this.

On the day of the event

On the day of the event, one of our cargo flight experts will be on site to ensure the flight runs smoothly. They will carry out a comprehensive safety briefing for all parties involved and will oversee the cargo flight. In this way we can react spontaneously to any delays in the event schedule and carry out the flight at the perfect time.

If specialist press or local reporters are present at your event, we will be happy to provide contact persons so they can explain the details of the cargo flight to the media. If you are interested in photo or video documentation of the flight, we can produce impressive images from angles that are not available to other photographers – for example from the perspective of the helicopter.

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