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Demolition and dismantling operations

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Demolition and dismantling operations

Whether on high-rise buildings, on steep slopes or in other challenging locations, freight helicopters can not only support assembly work, they can also demonstrate their strengths during demolition or disassembly work, when a crane may be forced to give up in the face of difficult terrain.

A helicopter uses a stable load rope to secure the object to be dismantled right at the start of the operation. By keeping the rope under tension, it prevents the load from slipping or falling in an uncontrolled manner, and ensures safe dismantling. The helicopter can then fly out its load immediately afterwards – either in individual parts or as a whole – and drop it off at a previously agreed location nearby. As the exact weight of each load is unclear during much dismantling work, particularly powerful helicopters are often used. Therefore, the load can be safely flown out even if it turns out to be unexpectedly heavy.

Initial consultation and guide price

During the initial telephone consultation, we will ask you for the main details of the planned cargo flight and can thus already give a reliable estimate as to whether the operation can be carried out using a helicopter. At this stage, we can also estimate the approval costs associated with the flight and thus propose a realistic flight date, by which all the permits will be available. In addition, during that initial discussion we can provide you with a reliable guide price for your cargo flight. The entire initial consultation is completely free of charge.

Preparation for the operation

With precise preparation, we lay the foundations for a successful cargo flight. On the basis of the information you provide, we will select the appropriate load-carrying helicopter and assign an experienced team of pilots and ground crew to your operation. If required, we will also provide professional industrial climbers who can support dismantling work on masts or on slopes, for example. Together with you, we will conduct a site visit to give us an accurate picture of the local conditions. We will then define a suitable location for setting down the loads and, if desired, prepare a detailed risk assessment for you.

We are also here to support you in dealing with the relevant authorities and can obtain all the necessary permits for you, for example, from the local council, police and fire brigade – and will take care of all the arrangements. If local residents need to be informed, we will organise this too, and ensure that the planned crane flight is announced to all the neighbours who will be affected. Last but not least, we will provide you with a precise schedule for the day of operation, so that you have all the information you need about the various elements and processes of the planned cargo flight at all times.

Carrying out the operation

Naturally, one of our employees will be on site on the day of the crane flight and will take responsibility for the quick and smooth implementation of the dismantling or demolition operation. We will also conduct a comprehensive safety briefing for all employees and contractors. In addition, we will coordinate the work of any contractors involved in the dismantling or demolition activities. If traffic routes have to be temporarily closed, we will also take responsibility for this.

We often find that the regional or local media are interested in crane flights, and ask questions in advance or send a reporter on the day of the operation. If you wish, we will be happy to provide a contact person to explain the details of the flight to the press. If you would like a record of the dismantling operation, we can take impressive photos and professional quality video recordings, and will be happy to provide them to you after the flight.

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