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When casting concrete foundations in sloping areas or conducting repair work on chimneys and other tall concrete structures, it is not usually possible to bring in the concrete in conventional ways. A concrete mixer cannot be used on steep slopes, so in such cases the concrete must be mixed at some distance from the construction site. Even when working on chimneys, the concrete mixer must remain on the ground.

Unfortunately, a crane is not an option for bringing the concrete to its destination. Only a helicopter has the necessary flexibility and can transport concrete exactly where it is needed in such situations: the concrete is mixed on the ground and flown to the construction site in large tubs. Thanks to the manoeuvrability and precision of a helicopter, the concrete can be brought in and deposited exactly where it is needed. Especially in the mountains, transporting concrete by helicopter is standard practice.

Since several tubs can be carried and alternately filled and flown, large quantities can also be transported in a short time. In most cases, it takes only 1–2 minutes for the next bucket of concrete to reach its destination. If necessary, 2 or 3 helicopters can also work in parallel. In any case, using helicopters ensures that concrete is constantly being delivered to the construction site and there are no lengthy interruptions that could jeopardise the success of the construction project.

Initial consultation

During the initial telephone conversation, you can tell us about your construction project, and we will give you an immediate indication as to whether a helicopter flight is feasible to support your project. We will also estimate the costs of the required permits, and how long they will take to obtain, and can then inform you when the crane flight can be carried out. In addition, we will provide you with a reliable price estimate so that you can gauge the expected costs. The entire initial consultation is free of charge.

Planning the crane flight

Each operation is carried out by an experienced team consisting of a pilot and ground crew. Based on the main facts and requirements of the planned flight, we will select a suitable helicopter that can handle the anticipated loads without any problems. We will also provide you with the buckets needed for the concrete. We will leave the casting of the concrete itself to your own employees. However, if required, we can also set up a team of construction workers who are highly experienced in concrete works that are supported by a helicopter.

A site visit is also an important part of our thorough preparation process. During the visit, we will work with you to get an accurate picture of the local conditions and select suitable areas for picking up the buckets of concrete, as well as possible landing sites and stopovers for the helicopter. Upon request, we will then prepare a detailed risk assessment for you.

We will also take care of all communication with the competent authorities and free you up by obtaining all the necessary permits. If local residents need to be informed about the crane flight, we will relieve you of that task as well. In addition, we will provide you with a precise schedule in advance of the day of operation. This will keep you well informed about all the tasks and procedures at all times.

Carrying out the crane flight

On the day of the concrete work, one of our crane flight experts will personally oversee the operation on site. First, everyone involved in the work will receive a detailed safety briefing. During the operation we will coordinate all the contractors involved and will ensure that the work proceeds quickly and smoothly. If any road closures are necessary for the work to go ahead, we will also take responsibility for coordinating them.

As cargo flights often provoke interest from the local press and regional radio and TV stations, if desired, we can also relieve you of the burden of dealing with the media, and can serve as their contact. If you wish to have the operation documented, we can also take care of the production of professional photos or video footage.

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