Possible usage

The possibilities a helicopter has in civil aviation vary. The possible uses of a work flight using a carrier helicopter are just as multi-faceted. In our listing, you find the most frequent selected uses:

Building material, climate devices, assembly flight, crane replacement, express carrier, rescue, disaster aid, event-marketing, high voltage orders, logging, pipeline supervision, pole building, freight flight, agricultural flight, forest works, fire fight, mountain rescue, mountain railroads, ski elevator, trees, provision flight, avalanche protection, plant protection, forrest aid, control flight, antenna assembly, spray or scatter flights

We briefly give a description of the work in some examples:

Assembly with a helicopter

Exchanging assembly and climate parts; including vents on a high-rise

Details of usage: 650 kg of heavy equipment need to be lifted onto the roof of the 116 m high AfE tower on the campus of Bockenheim. Simultaneously two old parts are dismantled and flown of the rooftop with a carrier helicopter. The staff, consisting of six people, are connected with the two pilots in the assembly helicopter the entire time through a radio. In order to place the climate equipment precisely, there needs to be collaboration between the staff and the pilots, as the placement requires concentration and exact placement. Even with strong winds, the helicopter is able to control the exact placement of the parts, with its modern technology and stabilizing system. The building itself lies in the city of Frankfurt/Main, and it would be so much more of a hassle to try getting to the area with a heavy load crane. Costs would be higher, streets would need to be closed down, and a larger number of staff would be required. With the assembly helicopter, the transports could be done with a staff of 8 people, and can be done in a two hour time frame.

Preparation: Before anything can be done a walkthrough of the property and measurements are required. While process is thought out, all extra helicopter equipment such as, hooks, rope, and bigbags are prepared for usage. These items are all important for the planned operation on the property. All proper permissions need to be handed in, and all authorities need to be contacted for the plan of action. In order to fulfill all security demands, streets and all other areas need to be closed off before the operation occurs.

Installation of switch cabinets on rooftops

The use of a heavy load helicopter has its unique capabilities, and it avoids the costs of expensive cranes. A helicopter can guarantee more flexibility in the assembly area. When planning a work operation, such as the installation of a technical device on a house, we can guarantee more freedom to fulfill your mission. You can either plan the use of a chopper during great weather conditions or make it a spontaneous occasion. We make sure to prepare you with an adequate helicopter for any of your needs in a short time frame. Re-scheduling an appointment is possible with no extra costs if done in a timely manner.

You can have your device flown in a special net onto the roof so that the first steps of the operation can be on its way, or you can have complete fixtures lifted at a time. The helicopter will be able to hover quietly over the roof for a specific period. The winds will not hinder the flight of an assembly project. You are not required to gather permissions for the use of a load helicopter. Lasten-flug.de takes responsibility for gaining proper permission from all affected authorities.

Transport helicopter

Heavy carrier with help of Big Bags

In zones, in which the construction of a crane is close to impossible, the transport with a helicopter is optimal. Large, stable and with lift loops overlooked sacks - also called "Big Bags" – allow the carry of small, loose, powder-like and fluid substances with ease. They consist of a tissue, which is known for it heavy loading capacity and tear stability. Another positive aspect is the environment friendly, meaning they can be recycled and disposed.

Big Bags are available with different variables, so that they can adapt to the specific weight required for the transport. One needs to pay close attention to the seal of the Big Bag. If the seal is tight, one can carry fine goods with its flight. A carrier with a Big Bag you save time, and will definitely have more space to bring other goods on the flight.

Transport of “Gitterboxen” inside of the helicopter

Usage description: Transport of parts for a KFZ production using the inside of a carrier helicopter. The parts come in a standardized box, also known as “Eurogitterbox” , and is loaded directly into the chopper with a forklift. Between the initial assignment with Lasten-flug and the start of the helicopter, no time is lost. Production professionals are enthusiastic when hearing of the possibilities and security that a helicopter offers for their production. “Gitterboxen” as heavy as 500 kg can be transported on the inside of a helicopter. The dimensions of a “Gitterbox” are around 1240 x 835 x 970 mm.

Preparation: The only preparation required before such a flight, is that the seats of the carrier helicopter must be taken out. The usual permissions are not required, because the load is carried on the inside of the helicopter. Permission for the landing location is dependent on where the landing is to take place. Permission to land on private or company premises is not required.