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Possible uses of transport helicopters

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A transport helicopter is often used when it is impossible to position a crane. In particular, there are four common areas of application for transport helicopters:

  • Cramped city centre locations with no space for a crane
  • High-rise buildings with roofs that are out of reach of a crane
  • Large flat roofs in industrial areas
  • Rough terrain (e.g. a slope) with no suitable access roads.

This can also result in various types of loads, which are often transported by helicopter. We have many years of experience in all types of heavy load transport by helicopter. 

Air-conditioning technology

Air conditioning units often have to be flown to large factories or to high-rise buildings in city centres.

Radio and mobile communications

Radio and mobile communications technology is particularly effective when installed on hilltops or the roofs of high-rise buildings.

Mast construction

Whether you're constructing cable cars, electricity pylons or floodlights: on a sloping site, a helicopter is usually superior to a crane.

Slope or embankment stabilisation

In the absence of adequate access roads, only a helicopter can bring in safety fencing and building materials to secure a slope or embankment.


A transport helicopter can effectively support tree-care or logging operations on hillsides and can fly out the cut branches and green waste afterwards.


Constructing foundations for buildings on hillsides or carrying out repairs to chimneys requires mixed concrete to be continuously flown in.

Swimming pools

The easiest way to get a swimming pool into your own garden is often by air: a helicopter can simply fly your pool in.

Gas tanks

Replacing liquid gas tanks on confined plots of private land is easily achieved with a cargo helicopter.

Demolition operations

Our heavy-duty cargo helicopters can assist with disassembly or demolition of equipment in demanding locations – for example, radio antennas or air conditioning units.


A cargo flight is great for capturing the attention of the audience at live marketing events and other public functions.

Special and heavy freight transport

With our special cargo helicopters, we can fly bulky, heavy objects to sloping locations and onto the roofs of high-rise buildings.

Transporting oversized loads

A cargo helicopter can carry oversized loads directly from A to B – even over long distances.

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