Two days at the university-hospital in Münster

For the university-hospital in Münster the use of a helicopter is a daily routine. In the past two days, the employees experienced something so completely different. With the help of a helicopter, wooden boxes packed air conditioners were lifted to the chimneys of the ventilation system. Very large crates, standing over four meters tall, hung from the helicopter and were placed precisely over all eight chimneys. An aerial flight unlike non-other, left plenty of challenges to overcome for the staff. With all the circumstances, the pilot still operated two full days, with a twin-engine helicopter, in order to complete the task. The management of the hospital was blown away by the work completed by, and the heat recovery plant project was a total success. The costs for a load helicopter were preferable over the ones a crane would have cost in this situation. The use of a chopper was no hassle in comparison to what the construction of a crane would require.