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The Rimac Nevera learns to fly

The Croatian car manufacturer Rimac has set itself the goal of pushing the limits of electric mobility. While the extremely powerful, luxuriously appointed hypercars may only be affordable for a few people, Rimac has an excellent reputation among car connoisseurs. When Rimac presented the new Rimac Nevera at the end of May, it was the prelude to a series of events for investors, journalists and potential clients. One of the highlights was an evening event at the medieval Lovrijenac fortress in Dubrovnik, where a joint venture with Porsche and Bugatti was to be announced.

Of course, the new Rimac Nevera needed to be on site during the presentation, but there was no land route for the hypercar to reach the upper terrace of the castle. As a result, only one solution remained: we had to teach the Rimac Nevera to fly.

An extraordinary cargo flight

Every Nevera costs 2,000,000 euros and only 150 cars will be produced initially. Therefore, extreme care and precise planning were needed to avoid damaging the luxury electric car during transport. We decided to carry out this special cargo flight with an AS 332 Super Puma helicopter. This twin-engine helicopter was ideal for this particular mission due to its high load-carrying capacity. To transport the car as gently as possible we used slips on the wheels and a crossbar over the car.

Precision in wind and wild weather

The event could not be postponed, so we only had one chance to fly the Rimac to the medieval fortress. On the day of operation, the conditions were not ideal due to strong winds, but our experienced pilot did not let this break his concentration. He expertly placed his valuable load exactly at the designated spot, so that the Nevera could get all the guests at the evening event in the mood for the forthcoming announcement. Of course, we were on duty again the next day to fly the hypercar back down from the fortress.

The extraordinary cargo flight caused a big stir on social media and in the Croatian press. So our work was the perfect start to an eventful day in Rimac’s company history.


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