Rescue of a Cessna

Bergung einer CessnaAfter a fall of a sport-aircraft at an approximately 1100 m high mountain near Rosenheim, both passengers gave their life on October 2nd. In the rescue efforts immediately following the crash, the Cessna was located using a SAR aircraft. It was located nearly 100 meters under the mountaintop, in an extremely steep and wooded area. The area security was not able to get to the area of the crash until midnight. The responsible Fire Department was not able to get to the airplane, due to the alpine terrain. Because of this the Upper-Bavarian police, notified the team of in the early morning, to transport the wreck away from the accident area with a helicopter. In a matter of minutes, we then dispatched an experienced team from neighboring Austria supported with an aerial helicopter. Only three load flights were necessary in order to fly all parts of the machine to the valley. Our helicopter was supported by a police chopper, which carried the alpine police team, the mountain watch of Brannenburg, and the Fire Departments of Brannenburg and Degerndorf.