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New floodlight for the ski jump in Oberhof

Oberhof is one of the world's best-known locations for Nordic skiing. The small town in Thuringia is a training centre for the regional Olympic base. In addition to the well-known biathlon arena, a biathlon hall and a bobsleigh track, the sports facilities include the ski jump area in the Kanzlersgrund, where top national and international athletes regularly train.

In recent years, ski jumping has become a flood-lit sport to enable TV coverage to be shown at the most suitable time. In order to allow competitions to be held in the evening in Oberhof, and to enable the ski jumpers to get used to the special lighting conditions of a jump under floodlights during training, the facility in Oberhof was to be equipped with new floodlight masts. Due to the steep slope on the jump mountain, the use of a crane was out of the question. Mast construction was only possible in this area with the support of a heavy-duty cargo helicopter.

Power, precision and experience

The building contractor also came to this conclusion and commissioned the Lasten-Flug mast construction experts to support the construction project with one of our helicopters. Since the individual elements of the floodlight masts weighed up to 3.5 tons, only a heavy-duty AS 332 Super Puma cargo helicopter with its carrying capacity of almost 4 tons was suitable for this operation.

Only a few pilots are experienced in handling such heavy weights. But of course we put together a crew consisting of a pilot and ground staff who had extensive experience of Super Puma operations and mast construction missions. Thus, all the conditions were in place for installing the masts with the greatest precision.

We also relieved our clients of as many elements of the organisation of the cargo flight as possible. As part of our site visit, we determined a suitable area for picking up the masts. We selected a landing site for the helicopter and took care of obtaining all the necessary permits.

The light goes on

Given the excellent preparation, nothing stood in the way of a successful cargo flight. With his extensive experience, our pilot was able to place the individual mast elements on their designated bases with absolute precision. Our team completed the six flight rotations without any complications and within a very short time. The ski jumpers in Oberhof can now look forward to evening jumps on a perfectly illuminated ski jump.

After the completion of the mission, the construction company expressly thanked us for our fast and smooth cargo flight. They have confirmed that they will also consider our heavy-duty cargo helicopters as an effective alternative to cranes for future mast construction projects.


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