Express carrier helicopter

Do you seek to transport freight urgently or as fast as possible? Our experienced team is available 24 hours a day at following phone number:

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Helicopter courier

The characteristics of a helicopter allow the pilot to take-off and land in almost any place. Your freight can be flown to its destination without any wait time or layoffs. Our company offers a fast and flexible courier flight to fit any of your services. At any time of the day - 24 hours a day -, our team will check on availability of an appropriate helicopter. You can have a carrier flight booked within a few minutes. We coordinate your carrier so that your freight can be picked up on your company premises and can be transferred immediately to your customer. This service is offered domestically and internationally. Through our emergency number, we are always available to you, even for less urgent questions. Our team offers an insightful and fast consultation for express carriers throughout Europe.

Take-off and Landing - Everywhere!

Helicopters are known to be able to land almost everywhere. Basically a helicopter pilot is allowed to land on international airports, various traffic landing fields and other special landing fields. There is one main difference between public landing fields, such as international airports who attend to the general public, while special landing fields are not obligated to be open to the general public. When we set-up and plan a hurry carrier helicopter for you we take all these circumstances into consideration. At the same time, in the worst case scenario, we make sure to provide a substitute possibility, allowing us to stay on a given time schedule.

Outside of airports and landing fields, a landing by a helicopter may also be permitted. Helicopters land typically almost everywhere, but unfortunately landings outside of an airport require permission. At the same time the owner of the land must give the authority to land a chopper. This can be as harmless as the governing district or the chapter responsible for area supervision, giving permission to go through with the flight. The entire process of getting the necessary permissions is done by our company agents, and therefore it is no burden on your shoulders to gain any permissions of any sort.

There may be some prerequisites for an international landing, where permissions can sometimes depend on the size of the landing area and the helicopter. This should a dimension of 50 x 50 meters. The chopper should have no hindrances and guarantee a certain approach as well as take-off technique. It is important that surrounding traffic is not impaired during the use of the express carrier.

“Eurogitterbox” inside of the helicopter

We frequently have a problem - when time is of essence and products need to be delivered to the supplier as quickly as possible. If loads do not exceed the required measurements of 1240 x 835 x 970 mm, and if your weight does not exceed 500 kg, then nothing is standing in the way of your selected aerial crane. Should the stretch be to long or the load to heavy, we make sure you have a capable aerial crane. Standardized pattern boxes, also well known as “Eurogitterbox”, enable the simple and airfreight flight. The dimensions of these boxes should be about 1240 x 835 x 970 mm. Your goods are loaded into these boxes and transported with a forklift into the chopper. The expense is not high and it saves time and money. Within a few minutes can coordinate your entire project with the appropriate machine.