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Express transport by helicopter

The shortest route between two places is always as the crow flies. Especially in the case of express transport, travel by air is often the only way to prevent supply bottlenecks and to meet tight deadlines. In contrast to vehicles on the ground, a helicopter never gets stuck in traffic jams and, unlike a plane, a helicopter does not need an airport for take-off and landing.

Delays in production processes and the resulting supply bottlenecks can be a major problem, especially in the automotive and chemical industries: Here, supply chains are organised according to the just-in-time principle. If parts are not delivered on time, there is frequently a risk of severe contractual penalties. This scenario can often be avoided by carrying out an express transport mission in a helicopter.

Your express transport: just four simple steps to your destination

We will organise your express transport quickly and efficiently. We will relieve you of as much of the organisational effort as possible and will carry out the transport mission in just four easy steps.

Step 1: Preparation

Our office is staffed 24 hours a day. This means that you can reach us at any time and we will start organising your express transport mission immediately after you have contacted us. We will determine suitable take-off and landing areas and, if necessary, will obtain the corresponding permits. Our helicopters are always on standby and can usually be on their way to your factory or site within minutes.

Step 2: Cargo pick-up

In most cases a helicopter will be able to land directly at your factory to receive and load the express freight. If this is not possible, we will use a suitable open space in the vicinity, or a nearby airport. If ground transport from the factory to the helicopter take-off site is needed for your cargo, we will be happy to organise that for you as well.

Step 3: Express transport

Once your urgent cargo is safely stowed on board, our helicopter can take off immediately. Border controls are not normally necessary for flight routes within the EU, meaning that we can usually take the most direct route from factory to factory for international express transport flights. If your destination is outside the EU, only a short stopover will be required for customs checks. As a rule, your express freight should reach its destination within a few hours.

Step 4: Delivery

Our helicopters can usually land at the destination factory, so that we can hand over the express freight directly. If we have to use another landing site that is further away, we will organise ground transport for your goods for the rest of the route. As soon as we have delivered your freight at the factory or site, our work is complete. Of course, we will continue to be available to answer any further questions following delivery of your freight – and, if necessary, for the onward transport of your freight to the next destination.

Helicopter or plane?

A helicopter is the ideal means of transport to get your express freight delivered to your destination over a short distance. For longer distances, the shorter range of helicopters is a disadvantage. In cooperation with our sister company Shuttle-Flug, we also offer express transport flights using freight planes. In such cases, we will take your freight to the airport by helicopter or road vehicle, and will have a suitable cargo plane ready and waiting at the airport. After the flight, the goods will be delivered to their destination by helicopter or a suitable road vehicle.

How much does express freight transport cost?

Although the exact costs for an express transport mission can only be calculated individually, the following applies: almost always, express transport by helicopter is less costly than the failure to meet your contractually stipulated delivery deadlines. In order to calculate the cost of your flight, we consider the following factors:

  • Flight Distance
  • The size and weight of the cargo
  • Type of freight
  • Dangerous goods
  • Urgency of the request

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