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About Lasten-flug.de

Experts for your low-priced load flights

Lasten-flug.de is your personal service provider when it comes to heavy load helicopters and assembly helicopters. No matter what carrier helicopter, heavy load helicopter or assembly helicopter, we offer advise on which will best fit your requirements right after the initial contact is established. When describing your project or urgent problem to us - we figure solutions and immediately generate an offer for you. The assembly helicopter can replace that bulky crane in dense inner cities, and it eliminates the long construction times; and is able to reach the more difficult construction sites. The load flight is the best competition to all optional transportation. Our team finds the best suitable helicopter for your loading transfer. Your assembly flight or carrier flight is best suited at Lasten-flug.de. We are fast, precise, and most of all will compete with the lowest prices on the market.

Load-helicopter in use throughout Europe

Lasten-flug.de relies on years of experience and collaboration with a number of businesses, allowing us to give unique offers for load-helicopters and assembly helicopters, which include the pilot. We not only have domestic contacts, but also are able to service you throughout Europe. Our service is price competitive, result orientated, flexible and above all very fast. If a helicopter fails for an unsuspected reason, we provide a substitute in a timely manner.

Comprehensive offer

Lasten-flug.de is a brand of the Vendana GmbH. We combine our different service offers as a package if need be. If you want to arrange an Event - we have our own Event marketing agency that can generate a comprehensive offer for you. If you want to let important guests fly in via helicopter or present a new product - your imagination has no boundaries with us. Please visit our websites www.Event-Flug.de , www.Shuttle-Flug.de , www.Foto-Film-Flug.de and of course www.vendana.de.

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