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Aerial Crane Helicopter

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Many concerns require you to rethink the next move. The aerial crane helicopter is ideal for demanding and uneasy assemblies. It can be used for carrier and many other areas, which require a special handling by a chopper. We offer mobility and flexibility when it is needed! For each load and for each problem, we find a tailor-made solution. Our pilots have years of experience and will successfully tend to all of your concerns. They use the abilities of the helicopter, so that they can start and land anywhere. This goes for the vertical rise and sinking as well.

Helicopter as a Crane replacement

The flexibility of the carrier chopper and its speed make it more than just a substitute for heavy load cranes. The construction of a crane is not approved in all areas, due to the height and weight, but most times there is not enough space to place the crane for usage. Save the time to set-up and dismantle an inflexible crane. Especially where a load only needs to be lifted or moved once, lots of unnecessary work can be eliminated. An aerial crane helicopter is your perfect solution!

Express Carrier Helicopter

In order to avoid a halt in production, we have the helicopter fly your work materials and equipment quickly from point A to point B. We can be reached 24hrs a day over our emergency phone number. A suitable helicopter can be on its way to your workplace for your desired express carrier. The use of several machines being used simultaneously is also possible.

Assembly Helicopter

Possible areas of usage for helicopter assemblies are: Antennas, rope-pull, wood and metal buildings, cranes, air conditioning, advertising banners and much more. Simply discuss your intent with one of our experts. In most cases, our experts will be able to assist you with all the information in regards to the practicality of your selected aerial crane helicopter over the phone.

Event-marketing in the air

Does the company want to advertise a new product in an extraordinary and special type of way to customers, colleagues or suppliers? No problem. With our carrier helicopter we make your product launch a real highlight. It is productive and exactly to the point! There can be difficulties getting the product to the event venue. The place could be a high-rise, department store, luxury building, a golf course or an island. Anywhere you plan to organize, we will fly to. Speak with one of our agents, we will help work on the concept idea, so that you can make your product launch come to life.

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